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Unique Approaches for Learning In Asoka World School


Posted Date : 2022-01-31

Education is an essential part of life. Without knowledge, people are nothing, and education is what differentiates us from others. Enrolling in a school is the first step toward obtaining an education. For the majority of people, the school will be their first place of learning. It’s the same manner that it’s the initial attraction in getting a good education. School is basically a place for study and increased professional success in life. It’s a place where anyone can improve themselves, not just for the sake of getting excellent marks, but also for becoming a better person. School teaches you more than facts and academics; it also teaches you discipline, social and communication skills, leadership, and much more.

Asoka World School is another academic institution involved in developing individuals for the modern world. Asoka World School’s curriculum is innovative, motivating, and engaging. The school follows CBSE and NCERT courses with students to access personalized and inferential learning opportunities. Asoka World School is dedicated to a strong community of young students who appreciate mutual trust. They believe that by promoting diversity and tolerance, the school might develop healthy relationships with the community.

Asoka School is one of Kerala’s first schools to use Google for education in the classroom. The worldwide network implementing this model among instructors and students to use technology effectively makes the school unique from others. Asoka school develops your child into a leader, a good learner, and an individual. In this persistent digital world, where human being’s ultimate goal is their achievements.

Asoka’s curriculum, which is aligned with worldwide standards, provides a variety of chances for each child to share, create, and achieve. It addresses global needs even while recognizing local issues in Indian culture. Its goal is to promote critical and creative thinking skills, artistic thought, successful communication and information in media literacy. Asoka school programme covers Personal Social and Emotional Development, physical education, and living training opportunities, as required by the CBSE.

Pre-KG to Class XII, and other facilities, are located in the main building. It has a quiet multi-purpose hall, air-conditioned classrooms, a library, labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Maths, Home Science, Media, Astronomy, Languages, and Social Science.  Along with this, a playground is in the school.

The campus points to a fine blend of our ancestral roots, worldwide desire, and technical advances. The classrooms are very well and outfitted with a safety system, WiFi, and audio-video outputs. All facilities were carefully under CBSE standards.


Asoka rebuilt our education system, our value system, and our nation’s future with such a change in strategy. Asoka World School was established and has become a reality based on this profound principle.

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