The school operates the bus fleet maintaining exceptional safety standards and strictly following the specifications and regulations laid down by the authorities. All buses are fitted with Video Surveillance System, Global Positioning Systems and speed governors in order to comply with safety norms. Transportation is entrusted with experienced professionals who have a long track record of safe transportation to students. They work closely with the school administration team to ensure that parents and students receive the best service possible.

* One time Admission Fees need to be paid at the time of confirming the admission and will be intimated at the time of school visit.

Transportation guidelines

  • The school bus is an extension of the school and will be considered as school premises.
  • Discipline is maintained by the bus driver and the conductor.
  • Students must obey the instruction given out by the teachers /bus driver/bus conductors in the moving bus.
  • Students should maintain proper discipline in the buses while commuting between school and home.
  • If there is any type of indiscipline, the matter will be reported to the office on the same day. An action would be taken against the student, along with telephonic acknowledgement to parents.
  • Students must stand in a queue while boarding and alighting from the bus.
  • Older students must allow younger students to be seated first.
  • Any type of misbehaviour in the bus justifies warning, suspension or dismissal as per the seriousness of mischief.
  • If the same student is caught for the 3rd time, his/her transportation will be cancelled.