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The Staff

We employ over 20 staff and our team is a combination of teaching, non-teaching, administrative and support staff. Our teachers are graduates and postgraduates in their respective subjects with teaching degrees. They are digitally savvy, culturally sensitive and believe in a global and egalitarian world. In simple terms, they are teachers by choice.

All teachers and non-teaching staff have to undergo mandatory internal training, CBSE capacity building programmes and other external training sessions from our corporate partners that are booked for each academic session. The topics for the training range from value education, subject resources to confidentiality and cyber laws.

The training schedule produced at the beginning of the year is subject to variation depending on external invitations and needs of the time. As employers, we provide our staff with guidance, supervision, peer mentoring and constructive feedback to provide them with the support required for our technology based education system.

We are focused on building an inclusive and positive work culture. We don’t just envision our school as a place for students alone but also a place to be and a place to work for our teachers.