The School

Asoka World School is a unique educational venture which aspires to mould a truly global human for today’s world. Our core identity is based on shaping the environment for a happy and exciting learning experience which includes aesthetically designed and technologically enriched classrooms with intelligent-body kinaesthetic education which brings the best out of our young learners.

What makes our school unique?

  • Enriched CBSE curriculum is deep-rooted in the Indian culture with the breadth, depth and balance of the international curriculum.
  • Golden teacher-student ratio of 1:20
  • Unique customized diagnostic assessments for aptitude and cognitive abilities that are designed to help students and their teachers understand how they learn best and what their academic potential might be. Curricular outcomes are thus differentially set for students and their progress is tracked over time.
  • Our unique whole school Reading and Creative writing programme to help children become fluent and proficient in languages- ‘Drop Everything And Read’ and ‘BIG WRITE’
  • Technology-enabled curriculum transactions from PRESCHOOL to CLASS XII to ensure higher attainment of curricular outcomes.
  • STEM, Media Studies, Astronomy and ABM Studies
  • Teacher-led after school programme- AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES FOR ADVANCEMENT
  • Voice of Asoka, a unique community partnership programme features students in the community who have accomplished landmark achievements in various fields.
  • Innovative sustainable architecture in compliance with green building norms.
  • Weather-appropriate, comfortable and casual uniform, keeping in mind fashion-related emotional needs of our students.
  • NO JUNK FOOD POLICY in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food audit by the student council in all three breaks.
  • ‘Self-help is the best help’ as is evidenced by our students. Students as young as five clean and maintain their classrooms. It is recognised as a holistic practice that allows the child to grow up as a more responsible citizen with a sense of ownership.
  • Daily mental math activities and the use of interactive games in daily instruction