The Philosophy

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The Philosophy

We envision ourselves as a niche technology enabled STEM School of the future with an emphasis on kinaesthetic model education at the heart of Kochi City. Our vision is to be a self styled boutique school for the future with an enriched CBSE NCERT curriculum where our students will achieve personal and professional success and serve as a beacon for others. Our vision for our students in the future is that they will carry a notepad and our teachers would transact with 3D imagery
reputed international school in Kochi affiliated with CBSE
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reputed international school in Kochi affiliated with CBSE

Our Mission

AWS’s mission came into being from our team’s genuine desire for change in the state’s education transaction methodology, social perspective and personal attitudes of people in our community.


“To generate a creative, humane and fluid synthesis of intellectual, emotional and social ideas and perspectives based on logic, critical thinking and reasoning applicable to this generation with a global applicability leading to self development, universal peace, compassion and fraternity”.

  • 1. Through our STEM & ABM courses we hope to influence many aspects of our student’s life and their community to advance peace, unity and acculturation and also to break beyond superfluous barriers of society which inhibit enlightenment and actualization of an individual. It is our mission to work towards a united, peaceful and egalitarian society, where there is acceptance and love for all.
  • 2. It is our mission to cut across the traditional and highly commercialized pre-primary and primary education organisations in our city and to promote a kinaesthetic oriented education which will make the future citizens of India into mentally and physically fit individuals. It is our mission to influence and bring up our students and their community into health conscious and physically active individuals and to fight against childhood obesity and diabetes.
  • 3. To inculcate fundamental knowledge needed by Indian students at appropriate pace while developing their individuality.
  • 4. We hope through our endeavours we can bring our technological enriched outlook to the NCERT curriculum with a constructive approach. It is our mission to revive and enrich our NCERT curriculum and hold close to heart our mother tongue Malayalam and our official languages Hindi and English.
  • 5. We hope to provide our students in XII engineering based courses which would provide them with a solid foundation and background to step out into the collegiate world with knowledge and grasp of the subject to facilitate an easy transition into career oriented college education. Therefore it is our mission to become the best and one stop centre for STEM education.
  • 6. To enrich humanity, sociability and awareness of being an Indian in students while forming and being part of an international society.
  • 7. We will over the course of 5 years move into green campus and put into useful practice sustainable and environment friendly living.