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Students Council

Our student council is our avenue for ‘student voice’ and school improvement. We envision our student council to encourage ‘student voice’, help protect children’s rights and also promote active involvement in school. Our SLC will be a democratic manifestation of student interests and school improvement. Here students will learn democracy not as an ideal, but as a set of values that we must live with and use as a guide for living in a society.

We strongly believe student’s voice can only be strengthened if their opinions are respected by adults who make decisions which affect them on their behalf. For this, students should be involved in all aspects of school life, i.e. not only events or environment/facilities concerns but also teaching and learning issues, school development plans and behaviour policies. Thus, it is an arena for discussion and consultation about all aspects of school life.


Our student council is open to all students. They can nominate themselves or can be nominated by the class teachers. The nominations will be followed by an election with the secret ballot. We consider teacher support important for student voice growth. The council will be supported by a link teacher who would provide support in managing expectations and decision making. The members begin their year with values that reflect their vision. The works of the SLC begins with the investiture ceremony during the first week of August.

A new feature of our SLC is the Circle Time – a group activity where children sit down together to understand each other, learn life skills and clear misunderstandings.

Our aims for the SLC