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Reopening Cannot Wait.


Posted Date : 2022-02-09

With the dawn of the pandemic ending, schools can gradually bid goodbye to the full-time virtual classes. Several debates have been coming up across the world, with a million-dollar question of ‘Reopening of schools’ which has become the need of the hour, as staying indoors and learning online entirely changed the lifestyle of the kids. This affected physical development which is the key during this stage and in the absence of it, kids are not sleeping very well or eating very well, either.


Schooling in the post-pandemic world is undoubtedly going to be challenging. It requires unwavering adherence to safety protocols and additional vigilance on the part of school authorities who  must monitor the situation throughout the day


How can we move forward?  What can be done?  Here are some pointers to help


Organise accelerated learning interventions focused on the basic


Strictly follow the proper use of face coverings, personal hygiene and distancing norms.


Prohibit the usual morning meetings held in classes at the beginning of the school day.


 Introduce new preventative practices like staggered student arrivals


Encourage more frequent cleaning and hand-washing practices throughout the day.


Forbade food sharing.


 Give independent activity to avoid mix-ups.


Art as an activity can be continued with social distancing in mind as it allows to stimulate the creativity of the children.


Finally and to end with a more hopeful note, the gradual reopening of schools after the crisis provides an unparalleled opportunity to rethink the day-to-day experiences of students and teachers and do what is best for students to fill the learning gap if any.



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