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Kinder Cubs Programme


Our kindergarten curriculum is based on age-specific learning outcomes benchmarked to international standards. Competent, confident, trained and appreciative teachers create a caring, secure space for little ones in “big school” for the first time. It is a space where multiple senses are sparked, imaginative investigations triggered into themes and topics and the child’s questions and discoveries welcomed with delight. Together with teachers, every child makes the learning experience authentic and life long. Our teachers create a truly unique multicultural learning environment by attempting to understand the social and cultural contexts to which children belong.

We offer an innovative kindergarten programme that promotes an active partnership between the school and the parent community. Learning unfolds naturally at our Kindergarten as it involves a child exploring and learning through an inquiry-based kinesthetic approach, asking questions and consolidating new learning each time the ‘Eureka moment’ is experienced. Join us and experience some of the best international early learning and developmental programmes for your toddlers! We offer the perfect, welcoming learning environment and activities that stimulate and help the development of children, carefully prepared equipment, a well thought out routine and exciting and themed lessons.



Our unique school curriculum has been designed and developed by our own expert team of teachers who have international school work experience. Our learner-centric methodology is at par with international standards. Our teachers are regularly and intensively trained so that KINDER CUBS in our preschool have the best learning and social experience. Majority of our primary curriculum is transacted through art forms; at least an hour of the school day is for practising experiential art form. In order to support their emotional and social development, we focus their language acquisition through various stories and songs and use visual and performance arts to help me emote freely. We slowly help them realise that language is not only spoken but can be frozen in time when they are written down. Our teachers start the first steps into the written word through pattern drawings on paper and hands using crayons, pencils and even their fingers!
Our key goal is to provide a holistic learning experience to children by providing them with innovative learning opportunities and a creative approach in place of a traditional one. Our classrooms are a fun place where children are encouraged to explore and learn at their own pace. Here, their spatial, motor and cognitive skills are developed through various activities by engaging with art, music, play and outdoor sports. By providing curated toys and books and other indoor and outdoor play equipment, we sow the seeds of curiosity and a mindset of lifelong learning. We offer an engaging and structured ‘After School Activities For Advancement’(AAA) for our preschoolers at a minimal.


As Educators and parents ourselves, we understand that safety of every child in the campus is of paramount importance and hence have made a provision of CCTV surveillance and vigilant caretakers at all times. The staff is also equipped to handle minor situations which may require first aid. Our staff aim is to instill the values of kindness, Compassion and friendship to all our students. so that they bloom into mindful adults and responsible citizens.

There will be no formal assessment in kindergarten. Children will be observed and the record will be maintained by the class teacher with descriptions that are based on emoticons.
Assessment for grades 1 & 2 will be informal with scholastics and co-scholastic areas. The results of which will be used to make plans and set targets or to identify special education needs. The performance profile will be recorded using descriptors based emoticons.

Why Choose Our School

The School framework at Asoka World School makes learning flow seamlessly between indoors and outdoors making the most efficient use of resources and building on the interests and enthusiasm of young learners. Curriculum is designed in such a way that it will foster core competencies in students. The Kindergarten curriculum delivery is based on the Reggio Emilia Approach, Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) for kindergarten UK and Maria Montessori Approach. There are seven areas of learning:
  •  Physical Development
  •  Communication and Language Development
  •  Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  •  Literacy Development
  •  Numeracy
  •  Understanding the World
  •  Expressive Arts and Design
Why Choose Our School