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Parent Partnership

Research has proved the importance of parental engagement in the success of your child’s education. Close communication is at the core of our parent partnership approach. We want the best of what a school can offer for your child. By working in partnership we can successfully nurture your child’s learning journey.Keeping parents and guardians in the loop regarding their child’s academic progress is a high priority institutional goal. We use technology optimally in building a school-parent interface

Parent communication

The school resorts to the following media to communicate with our parents.
  • SMS- All important announcements pertaining to the functioning of the school.
  • Telephone communication from the school office
  • Whatsapp broadcast
  • The Week That Was- A weekly curricular and activity update sent via Email
  • Google Classroom- Assignment upload intimation via email.

Parent Partnership programmes
1. Co-Parenting Into The Future is a continual school-parent partnership programme aimed at equipping our parents towards fruitful parenting. Parenting sessions conducted by eminent resource persons are a regular feature of this programme.
2.Carnival for a Cause is an annual carnival conducted with parent partnership.From stalls that bubble with creative ideas to food that keeps the stomach and soul happy,our parents set up exciting stalls with a range of scrumptious food, eco-friendly child and home products made out of recyclables, fashion accessories and game stalls. Proceeds of the event will be responsibly utilised for a noble cause.
3.Wheels of Change is a partnership programme wherein parents partner with the school in community outreach.
4. Career INsights is a partnership programme wherein parents assume the role of resource persons and share their professional and personal stories with students. This in turn is expected to motivate our young learners to set career goals that best suits their ability and taste