Lunchtime Etiquettes

Lunchtime etiquette is a visible sign of one’s upbringing and manners. Whether attending a social gathering, job interview, or a HIGH TEA, if you know what to do and the correct way to conduct yourselves, you can relax and enjoy yourself. Lunchtimes at AWS gives a chance for children to bond with their teachers and friends. Our aim is to encourage a merry and civilized lunchtime. It is also a time to appreciate what their parents cooked for them and make connections on how that food came to their lunchboxes. 

We plan to use this break time constructively, so that manners taught at home are practised at school too. We believe that children need a structure to learn and the manners they develop here will be carried forward.

  • The school follows a NO JUNK FOOD POLICY.
  • Nutrition should be a priority for packed snacks and lunch.
  • Parents are to take due care in freshness of what is packed for lunch to avoid instances of food going bad, strong smells or unlikely cases of food poisoning.
  • Enjoy and finish your meal before moving around.
  • Be polite, and appreciate the diversity that appears in your classmates box.
  • Engage in pleasant meal time chats.
  • Ask before you share your food. Your friend might be allergic or be on a special diet.
  • Clean up after yourselves. Make sure there is no food spilled on your table or surroundings.
  • Take due care with handwash and rinsing your mouth after lunch.
  • Use lunch towels and cutleries as required. Use of cutlery also promotes development of fine motor skills
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum
  • Don't throw food around or fight during meal times