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Importance Of Choosing The Right School For Your Child

Importance Of Choosing The Right School For Your Child

Posted Date : 2022-01-30

Adhering to the principle of holistic development of each student, International schools are becoming more and more popular in India. These schools are pursuing a comprehensive approach to education that intentionally prepares students to be active and engaging participants in an interconnected world. By incorporating diversity and flexibility in teaching pedagogies and through regular assessment of subjects, the international schools encourage skills among their students in working effectively in global or cross-cultural environments.
Schools offering international educational standards are focusing more on the development of its students in accordance with culture, language, and social cohesion. Through building a sense of identity and cultural awareness, encrypting recognition and development of universal human values, encouraging discovery and enjoyment of learning, these schools� prime goal is to equip their students with collectivist or individualistic skills and knowledge that can be applied broadly.


All children are unique in their own way. When it comes to learning, the majority of the kids have similar requirements but the degree of each need varies from child to child. While some kids prefer to do self-learning, others are more inclined to group activities or a mix of both. How the child picks up and retains information need to be closely observed by parents in order to understand which learning style the child is more comfortable with. Your child may likely favour several styles and not just one. It would be of great help to figure out your child�s learning preferences better if you know the various types of learning styles.
Visual Learners: Kids who prefer learning by observing things and can easily visualize information are visual learners. They rely on what they see including pictures, images, diagrams, whiteboards, and visual presentations. They learn best from reading and watching what others do.
Aural Learners : Sound and music are a strong suit for aural learners and they learn by absorbing the information they hear. They typically have a good sense of rhythm and making up songs or poems is an excellent study method for these kids. They are also good listeners who normally learn best through verbal presentations like lectures and speeches and they remember best by reciting new information and reading aloud.
Verbal Learners : These kids are fascinated by different languages and learn best when taught using spoken or written materials. They tend to have a vast vocabulary since they enjoy learning new words and exploring ways to creatively use languages and they excel in activities that involve speaking and debating. Apart from that they also would have a well-developed memory for the material they have read and recall of spoken information.
Logical Learners : Also known as �Mathematical Learners�, these kids are sure to excel if there is any logic, reasoning, and numbers involved in a particular topic. Computer programming, math, and science are mostly their favourite subjects. Having strong visual analysis, memory, and problem-solving skills, logical learners are highly adept at recognizing patterns and prefer to use logic and reasoning.
Social Learners : Learning in groups and collaborating with others with effective communication, brainstorming, and discussing ideas and concepts is favoured by social learners. They learn fast through the observation of other people’s behaviours.
Kinesthetic Learners : Having excellent �physical� memory, kinesthetic learners learn through their bodies and their sense of touch. Physical activities and sports play a big part in their learning period of life. The need to move and are gifted in physical activities like running, swimming, dancing, and other sports.


In India, our state topped the literacy chart of the nation and Cochin being the mainland portion of the state, has the best public and international schools which follows different curriculums.
From the list of the best schools in Cochin, to choose the right school for your child is quite an important decision. Some important groundwork is essential for a more firm and informed decision when you know that you are on the lookout for a quality international school for your child. First of all, parents need to be very clear about their child�s physical and educational needs, learning style, and the right understanding about what kind of environment motivates the child to be expressive and creative.
Among the top international schools in Kochi, �Asoka World School� stands out with its strong international character. The school is a premier institution that aims at creating future-ready global citizens with the ability to make worthwhile contributions to the world through creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, and social innovations.
To transform your child into a wholesome person you want to see him or her as, it is very important to understand the emotional, intellectual, creative, mental, physical, and lingual needs of the child. Here is where Asoka World School comes for your help. With close observation and analysis through our various learning activities, we help parents to understand what are the challenges their child would face in learning and our specially trained teachers offers exclusive individual attention your child requires. Stressing on critical thinking and an open approach to exploring diverse dimensions, our students experience globally renowned and practiced methodologies and approaches in their learning process.
As a niche technology-enabled STEM School of the future with an emphasis on kinaesthetic model education at the heart of Kochi city, the school�s prime focus is to equip each student with the right vision, values, and ideals and also to hone the innate skills of each student to transform them into truly educated and finely refined, inspired and confident global citizens.The school is well-eloquent and determinant in providing holistic and experiential education to each and every student and is equipped with a world-class educational backdrop with an impeccable best-in-class infrastructure where all classrooms are well-equipped with the latest technology. Along with a strong academic foundation, the school also gives significance in the development of a strong, kind, and empathetic character in its students.

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