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How the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the education landscape


Posted Date : 2022-01-31

Distance learning, the process of learning without being physically present in a classroom has become the new normal. Quick, eco- friendly and an endless repertoire of information, the internet has changed distance learning forever. Covid 19 has redefined the way education is imparted world over. Compelled by social distancing needs due to COVID-19, schools and colleges world over are heavily relying upon remote learning. This trend is expected to stay and thrive in the post pandemic period. For Asoka World School, a True Google for Education School, the first of its kind in Kerala, the transition into remote learning was effortless.
There was never a dull moment for the students of Asoka World School, during the prolonged lockdown period as the Google Classroom application helped teachers and students communicate and collaborate, manage assignments paperlessly, and stay organized. Google Meet, along with an array of Google enabled apps are used by our teachers to ensure student engagement and joyful learning. Our Facebook page is filled with our Children�s home learning videos and their Lockdown diaries.
While we, especially our students live in a highly digitized, tech-driven environment, the education sector is still debating the integration of technology into education. However, COVID-19, the pandemic of the century, has highlighted the significance of tech-enabled education, and a vast majority of schools will invest more towards this direction.
A major factor that has protected the education sector from going into complete disarray post the COVID-19 outbreak is steady innovation in education technology. Virtual Learning environments (VLEs) aren�t merely about giving classes over online platforms. They enable full-fledged evaluations, assignments, collaboration, tests, progress records, instant feedback and effective teacher intervention. Every learner is unique, with specific interests and learning needs. Contrary to traditional models where all students are taught in the same way and no choice is offered � often getting most of them disinterested � tech-driven educational models foster creative thinking and innovation. Our tech enabled curriculum transaction is facilitated by Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and STEM integration.
Post Covid school reopening will necessitate a social distancing plan as part of the safety protocol. It is very obvious that in most of the schools, classrooms are not big enough to safely accommodate more than 20 students at a time. No architect, educationalist or government could have anticipated the social distancing measures that need to be enforced in our schools and school transport as a safety protocol. We cannot expect the Primary age children to remain two metres apart from each other and teachers. This is where our biggest strength as a school is showcased. It is imperative that there are only 20 students in a class, as our standard class sizes are 400 Sq Ft. Our golden Teacher to Student ratio of 1: 20 will help ensure quality education while adhering to social distancing norms. Our team is equipping ourselves to carry out various tasks such as defining roles and responsibilities, defining and establishing health and hygiene and other safety protocols or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), readjusting school calendar and annual curriculum plans and ensuring the smooth transition from remote learning during lockdown to formal regular schooling. The emotional well-being of students would be high priority as we traverse this trialsome period.
Anticipating the school affordability challenges students and families are facing during COVID-19, a fee payment plan and discounts is on offer which may help the parents to plan their child�s education with confidence. Flexible payment plans that we offer help families to spread tuition expenses across smaller, easier-to-manage payments. The School is in appreciation of the outstanding support of the parent fraternity. We call upon parents to acknowledge that schools have salaries and other expenses to be met, and Online or Remote Learning calls for intensive training and planning on the teacher�s side than regular classroom teaching. Post Covid, mutual appreciation of each other’s concern will go a long way in fortifying school-parent partnership.
Asoka World School is a unique educational venture which aspires to mould confident, competent, media literate and tech smart young individuals who are capable of responsible, sustainable citizenship.

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