Health & Safety at Asoka

We at AWS aim to make health and safety a prominent feature in all aspects of our school operations. We intend for our staff and students to be familiar with health and safety policies, undertake leadership roles and promote greater understanding of health and safety and put it into practice in their daily school life. Our health and safety policy is committed to regular review and update of our premises to minimize risks. Our policies are not confined to premises, transport and sanitation but also confidentiality, safeguarding and conservation.
Highlighted below are few of our health and safety considerations:- 

  • CCTV cameras are installed in all rooms and areas surrounding the school building.
  • Grievance cells and other committees have been constituted for staff, parents and students
  • Student counselor of the school will support the psycho-social development needs and health of students for a happy school life.
  • Regular mock fire drills are conducted every Wednesday to ensure safety.
  • The fire alarm system is in place to alert the staff and students in case of fire.
  • Evacuation plans are displayed on all floors in the school to ensure visibility and familiarity.
  • Water quality is monitored and checked for contamination by the building supervisor. Water storage tanks are regularly cleaned and maintained without exposure. Filtered, sealed and certified drinking water dispensers are placed at specified locations.
  • Sanitation and hygiene is the responsibility of everyone using the facilities of the school. The support staff and supervisors undertake thrice daily check of toilet facilities and ensure its neatness. Awareness is created among students through sanitation education.
  • Awareness programmes and assigned classes on cyber safety, responsible media usage, road safety and children's rights.
  • Awareness programmes and committees set up to safeguard and protect against drug abuse, sexual abuse and negligence.
  • Attendance of students verified with parents via phone calls by the class teachers. Monitoring of arrival and departure of students and also during recess. A record of all movement in and out of the school aside from normal business day is entered in the movement register.
  • As a part of safeguarding measures, references of all teaching and non-teaching staff will be checked.
  • The school bus has GPS and speed governors installed. The bus is attended by a lady staff. The bus drivers are hired after proper vetting.
  • Our school has developed a full disaster management action plan in the event of natural disasters and business continuity plans in the event of sudden changes from the normal pattern of functioning.
  • The emergency contact numbers of various helplines are also displayed in the school.