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Co-Curricular Activity

Co-Curricular activities are an integral part of our instructional programme. Every activity in school life plays a significant role in the development of students. At AWS, co-curricular activities are an integral part of the curriculum and are designed and balanced with the academic curriculum so that every student gets a chance to participate and explore their innate potential and skills. The events are arranged to spread through the academic year and the difficulty level is increased depending on the mental and physical ability of the students.

Our co-curricular programme is categorised as under:

i) Academic development activities include the formation of clubs in relation to different subjects such as Nature Club, Science club, Logophilia Literary Club, Home Science Club, Elon Musk Space Club, Quiz Club etc. Besides this the other activities like preparation of charts, models, STEM projects, surveys, quiz competitions etc. come under this category.

ii) Physical development activities include athletics, yoga, aerobics, mass drill, basketball, cricket, tennis and indoor games such as chess, table tennis, carrom, ludo etc.

(iii) Literary Activities aim at developing the literary ability of students and promotes activities like the publication of school magazine, library week, school video-newsletter, VLOGs, wall magazine, bulletin board, debates, newspaper reading, blogging and essay and poem writing are undertaken. 

(iv) Citizenship Training Activities like Model UNITED NATIONS, student council, visits to civic institutions like the local post office and police station, MOVIE FOR A CAUSE, MUFTI DAY, CARNIVAL OF GIVING, running self-financed co-operative store named as HONESTY STORE to sell school stationery etc are essential for providing useful and valuable civic training. 

(v) Cultural and Scientific Activities include activities like drawing, painting, music, dancing, dramatics, folk song, fancy dress, variety talent show, community activities, Science exhibition, Science themed camps, the celebration of festivals, visit cultural places having importance in local, state, national and international perspective. All the co-curricular activities should be organised strictly under the guidance of teachers. DESTINATION SCIENCE, a science-themed innovative overnight camp would be an annual event along with inter-school science fair. 

(vi) Club activities: Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs such as Art & Craft, Space Club, Logophilia literary club, Quiz club, Home Science Club, Robotics Club, Modern Dance, Science Club, Nature Club, Aerobics Club, Debate and Public speaking club, Dramatics club and Music Club. Every student is encouraged to develop his or her talent and potential through these activities.  


The AAA Club is an optional programme available for all students of classes I to XI who would like to benefit from the advantages of the teacher-guided activities on the school campus. The main objectives: 

  • To develop their potential and bring out an all-round development.
  • To extend support to parents who would like to keep their children occupied constructively, beyond school hours.
  • To provide opportunities for students to build social skills and confidence.
  • To provide extended learning through activities.

This programme is on regular working days from 02:30 3:30 p.m. for Grades I to XI 

The activities incorporated in the AAA Club are outlined below: 


  • Brain O Brain
  • Public Speaking, Personality development and General Awareness
  • Music - Instrumental and vocal
  • Dance- Classical and cinematic
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Mad Science
  • Cr8ve Mindz- Robotics and STEM
  • Abacus/Vedic Maths