Child Protection Policy

The core of our S&CPP is that all children should grow up in a safe environment without the risk of being abused or neglected. AWS is committed to keeping all our students safe and to do what needs to be done for their safety and wellbeing while at school. 

The school aims to raise general awareness about protection, safeguarding and privacy to all our parents, teachers and other stakeholders. Safeguarding is a joint effort and requires the cooperation of parents and teachers to work in the best interest of the child. 

AWS expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment and undergo training and develop resources to help protect children from various threats to their physical, social and emotional development. We also aim to make our school a safe place where students can build their confidence to speak out and stay safe. 

Some of the programmes to create awareness are:


  • Recognising healthy relationships
  • Making sense of relationships
  • What will Mom think?
  • SShh...It’s our secret...
  • My body and My personal space
  • Keeping children safe online


Policies relating to Privacy, Data Protection & Disclosures are also a part of our S&CPP. Disclosures will only be made to appropriate adults or agencies on the production of appropriate documents. All concerns will be treated in confidence and every effort will be made to protect the child’s identity in all instances. The School will observe strict confidentiality unless mandated by the legal agencies in written format.

This School recognises that the best way to protect against the abuse of children is through education and the adoption of safeguarding practices for children. The school has a duty of care to safeguard children. If we have any concerns about a child’s welfare, we will first discuss this with parents, but we may also need to share our concerns with relevant organisations if necessary.