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Asoka World School: COVID 19 Precautions


Posted Date : 2022-02-09

Asoka World School: COVID 19 Precautions

With the pandemic slowly retracting and record number of Indians being vaccinated on a daily basis. It is crucial for us to reopen schools and get students back to school. Many parents, teachers, and students are quite scared by the prospect of being sick, so there is a lot of pushback against the reopening of schools.


For the future of our next generations and our children, we can not delay reopening schools any longer. But, the health risk is not a joke. As a society, we all have to accept the realities and move forward understanding the new normal. As an educational institute that houses thousands of students and hundreds of teachers and staff. We understand the severity of the issue, but we are prepared to begin reopening our school, and here are the precautions we have in mind to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

What Precautions Do We Follow For Safety Of Children At Our School

?      Compulsory Wearing Of Face Masks For Everyone

Face masks are one of the most important part of protection against the COVID-19 virus, and we plan on being completely strict and vigilant towards ensuring that students, teachers, and staff are wearing proper face masks at all times during school hours to ensure their own safety.

?      Encouraging Children To Regularly Sanitise & Wash Their Hands

Maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing is crucial when we are fighting against COVID-19 now; it is understandable that when children may at times breach the distancing protocols, which is why we plan on being strict with our distancing protocol as well as encouraging children to mandatorily wash their hands and sanitize themselves and the surfaces they touch/use after every interaction to reduce the possibility to disease spread.

?      Forbidding Food Sharing

Children share their tiffin/lunch with each other, and this is a practice that is followed even by the staff and teachers at school. We plan on completely forbidding any form of food exchange at school to minimize the risk of disease spread.

?      Prohibiting Morning Assemblies

Morning assemblies require all the students to accommodate in a single space which can severely compromise social distancing. This is why we plan on completely prohibiting morning assemblies for the foreseeable future to minimize the risk of disease spread.

?      Introducing Staggered Student Entry

Staggered student entry is our way of trying to help students, teachers, and staff slowly get back to school safely. This method is sure to help students reduce crowding and breach social distancing protocols. We are also planning to implement a hybrid structure of education where we utilize classroom education alongside digital mediums to ensure students can follow all the necessary precautions of the new normal but still receive the education they need.



The COVID-19 pandemic is still at large, but our children’s future can not wait any longer. We are willing to take all the aforementioned safety precautions and many more to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff. The only thing we ask from parents is cooperation in helping us create a safe environment and a new normal for our students and the next generation to follow.

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