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Academic Enrichment Programs

The Curriculum at Asoka World School is Progressive, Empowering and Experiential.
Our School follows CBSE and NCERT curriculum with a thematic twist offering access to tailored and inferential learning experiences. Our curriculum is developed based on character, competence and relevant content; we strive towards teaching our students ‘how to think’ rather than what to think.

Themes of our curriculum

Our enriched CBSE curriculum is deep-rooted in the Indian culture with the breadth, depth and balance of the international curriculum. Benchmarked against international curriculum standards, our inquiry-driven curriculum offers a range of opportunities to every child to share, innovate and succeed. It addresses global needs and also relates to local issues and Indian culture. It aims to promote critical and creative thinking skills, artful thinking, effective interpersonal and collaborative skills and information and media skills.
Starting at Kindergarten level, the curriculum culminates in the All India Secondary School Examination at the end of Grade 10 and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination at the end of Grade 12, both of which are overseen by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, India. There awaits a whole world of opportunities for pupils graduating from AWS to apply for universities and higher education venues across the globe.
We will be following the learning goals and objectives of CBSE and NCERT with the twist of fluid technology immersion. Here find the features of our curriculum.
AWS promotes STEM and ABCM and Media education to make our students real-world ready by the time they finish schooling with us.

  • 1. Technology-enabled curriculum transactions from PRESCHOOL to CLASS XII to ensure higher attainment of curricular outcomes.
  • Innovative sustainable architecture in compliance with green building norms.
  • 2. Whole school Reading and Creative writing programme to help children become fluent and proficient in languages and communication. Our unique ‘Drop Everything And Read’(DEAR) and ‘BIG WRITE’ are outcome-based language programmes which are at par with international standards.
  • 3. Promotion of Indian culture and values are embedded in our curricular transactions. All instruction and activities invariably promote Indian culture.
  • 4. We periodically administer customized diagnostic assessments that are designed to help students and their teachers understand how they learn best and what their academic potential might be. Curricular outcomes are thus differentially set for students and their progress is tracked over time.
  • 5. PSED (Personal Social and Emotional Development), physical education and life skill training is part and parcel of our curriculum as mandated by the CBSE.