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We envision ourselves as niche technology enabled STEM School of the future with an emphasis on kinaesthetic model education at the heart of Kochi City. Our vision is to be a self-styled boutique school for the future with an enriched CBSE NCERT curriculum where our students will achieve personal and professional success and serve as beacon for others. Our vision for our students in the future is that they will carry a notepad and our teachers would transact with 3D imagery.

Our Mission

To generate a creative, humane and fluid synthesis of intellectual, emotional and social ideas and perspectives based on logic, critical thinking and reasoning applicable to this generation with a global applicability leading to self development, universal peace, compassion and fraternity".

The Asoka Values

  • Right Livelihood & Fraternity
  • Right Aspiration & Effort for Excellence
  • Pure Wisdom, Knowledge & Mindfulness
  • Right View & Concentration
  • True Individuality & Spiritual Maturity
  • Right speech & Action
  • Truth, Respect and Mercy
  • Logical & Non-Judgemental