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AWS is an English medium CBSE school with the academic year from June to March. Classes are scheduled for Monday to Friday. Saturdays are holidays unless otherwise specified for middle school and higher classes. There will be no Saturday classes for Kindergarten and Primary. Second Saturdays will be a holiday for the school.

Timing: School begins at 8.30 am and ends at 2.30 pm. Students who arrive by the school bus and by their own means are expected to be in by 8.25 am and teachers are to be present by 8.15 am. Teachers will be present in the school before students. 

Assembly: The school day begins with the school assembly led by students class-wise, in 3 languages which alternate every week. It begins with school prayer, pledge, newscast using multimedia, teacher messages, student speeches on relevant social issues and creatively engages the participants through pick and talk challenge and language or Math games. Special assemblies are conducted on days of national or international importance.  

School uniform: The school uniform should be worn when attending school and representing the school at functions outside school. Students have to maintain the dignity of the school whenever they are outside the school premises in the uniforms and can be liable for disciplinary action for acts committed while in uniform. There are two types of school uniforms which will be checked every morning during assembly along with grooming and hygiene for both girls and boys without exception. 

Uniform to be worn on-

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: Blue denim, blue T-shirt, blue socks, black belt and black sports shoes.
Wednesday: Beige trouser for boys / beige skirt for girls, blue shirt, blue socks, black formal belt and black formal shoes. 

Timetable: A regular working day has 8 teaching periods. A period lasts for 40 minutes and each period is separated by a bell. Aside from the mandatory subjects' classes, the timetable is scattered with curricular and co-curricular activities such as DEAR, art/craft, dance/music, media, games and sports. In order to teach fire evacuation protocol, every Wednesday during the 5th period a long bell will indicate to students to form a file and leave the building and gather at the assembly point. 

Curriculum: Our curriculum is based on the CBSE NCERT syllabus with the objective of global human mobility. We framed our core curriculum based on the national and local values, principles and objectives. The core subjects taught in the school are Maths, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Value Education, Disaster Management and Life Skills till secondary level with other relevant subjects such as Media Studies and Coding. The languages taught in the school are English, Malayalam and Hindi. At the senior secondary level, we offer Science and Commerce streams. 

Clubs and Committees: There are a variety of clubs and committees set up to encourage student's voice, involvement and also to protect them. All clubs and committees are supported by link teachers. 

Breaks: An instructional day will have 2 short breaks of 10 minutes each and a lunch break. Lunchtime breaks are supervised by the HPE teacher and class teachers. Class teachers will share their lunchtime with their class in order to foster teacher-student bonding. We also emphasise on strict compliance with a NO JUNK FOOD policy and educates parents on this. Children will be instructed on mealtime etiquettes and healthy eating practices during their co-curricular classes. 

Assessments: The school follows a semester system with assessments or exams at the end of each term. Internal assessment will be conducted via various modes of formative assessments with emphasis on art and craft, work experience, general studies, media, health and physical education. There are no formal assessments in Kindergarten. Students of classes I-V are assessed according to CCE pattern while students of classes VI to IX are assessed as prescribed by the uniform system of assessment prescribed by the CBSE. Class X and XII leads into the CBSE board examinations held in March. Performance of students will be discussed via progress cards and open houses.

The response of the school with regards to unprecedented closures such as bandhs or hartals shall be made in accordance with the Collector’s advice. Any such disturbance in the normal working day will be made good by working on Saturdays. 

School Calendar: The school will follow the Kerala State Educational calendar. The customised school calendar can be found in the school diary and website for ready reference. List of school holidays is also detailed alongside. 

School Diary: The school diary should be brought to the school every day without fail regardless of which class.  

Communications: The school will use notices, circulars, school diary and other digital means to contact parents. The school diary will have to be checked by parents every day. Open houses and after school hours are times when parents can communicate with teachers. 

Attendance: Attendance in school should be a priority for parents and students and strive to achieve 95% , unless due to chronic health conditions or genuine unavoidable reasons. CBSE regulations will be strictly adhered to in case of low attendance without cause. 

Student Lateness/ Leaves: Leave of absence or lateness needs to be intimated to the school immediately via phone to the school office. All leaves should be supported by medical certificates as required. The next day after the leave the student should bring leave letters in the prescribed form written by their parents. 

Student Mobility: Once inside the school, students will not be let outside without the parent or without a consent letter from the parent that the student. All movements will have to be signed in or out in the movement register with a justified cause such as Dr appointments. 

Holidays: The school closes for Onam (September 10 days)), Christmas (December-January (10days)) and summer holidays (April-May).

Child Protection: The school has a duty of care to safeguard children. If we have any concerns about a child’s welfare, we will first discuss this with parents, but we may also need to share our concerns with Social Services. The school does not recognise a third party as a caregiver of the child unless introduced by the parents with a written consent letter.

Privacy, Data Protection & Disclosures: The School will observe strict confidentiality unless mandated by the legal agencies, previously signed agreements or waivers in written format.