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From The President’s Desk

Ms. Aishwarya Kavungal

One thing that is constant in our lives and in the lives of our forefathers before us, is Change. The Education we provide our young ones shouldn’t be based on our reality; rather it should be based on the world of the future. Our children should be prepared for the future, not for our today. Taking a look at our education system today, there is rightly a sense of despair. It's about time we asked the question, why does this happen, especially when the history of our culture was about being at the forefront of art, science and philosophy.

Can you imagine the concept of Skype, Uber, Swiggy in the year 1999? How creators all come from particular countries or from a certain background? Can you imagine our children being creators of tech, art, and philosophy?

What can be done today that can ease the transition in the future? The answer is creative use of educational technology, engage in phenomenon based education and assessment system which has real-world application. With such a change in strategy, we redefine our education system, our value system and our future as a nation. It is on the basis of this profound principle, Asoka World School was conceptualized and now it is a reality. It is the School of the Future, today.