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Pedagogy & Instructional Resources

We envision our school to be a dynamic space that sparks imagination, creativity, fun, and age-appropriate social attributes. We provide our students with the important skills and competencies required for tomorrow's world. Here is how:

1. Interdisciplinary approach- We, at AWS teach thematically and incorporate all the elements in a seamless interdisciplinary manner. All the disciplines of Mathematics, Computing, Science Geography, Languages, Art are interwoven to create themes for the months. All curricular and co-curricular activities will follow the themes of the respective months. 

2. 4C’s of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity- Most of the jobs now and in the future require a team effort. It necessitates an understanding of how to communicate with each other while at work, how to harness individual skills to leverage success and share credit with the team, how to deliberate, compromise and manage conflict. 

3. We use a broad range of digital tools in classroom instruction and assessment to make this possible. We have Podcast streaming, Clickers, Google Collaborative Tools, Body Kinaesthetic Gaming, 3D Printing and Flip Classes and virtual reality aided instruction under our arsenal. Online assessments and remote learning via ZOOM and GOOGLE MEET are the latest addition to our features.