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Senior School

The curriculum provided by CBSE is based on National Curriculum Framework-2005. The main focus is to help students to achieve excellence by competency-based learning. From Class IX onwards students are to use the NCERT textbooks and not private publications to maintain consistency. 

Subjects: English, Hindi/Malayalam/French, Maths, Science & Social Science
We follow the 3 language formula for as per guidelines from the Education Department at the elementary level and 2 language formula in secondary school. Languages offered are English (compulsory), Malayalam/ Hindi/French (students have to choose one of the elective options at secondary level). 

Art Education and Physical Health and Education will be a part of the internal assessment. Work experience is now subsumed in Health and Physical Education.
In addition to academics subjects, disaster management, life skills and values, Financial Literacy, ICT skills and Media are also part of a CBSE IX-X class student’s life.

Student-centric skill-based learning methodology is adopted to enrich academics. Every student is mandatorily required to participate in the co-curricular programme of the school.

  • For Class IX and X special/extra classes are conducted after school hours or on Saturdays.
  • Innovative and interactive workshops are conducted on issues related to adolescence.
  • Career Counselling also forms an integral part of their activities at this level.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of in house and inter-school competitions in cultural and sporting activities.

Assessment: The Assessment scheme will have an 80 marks component for Board examination (class X) and Annual Examination (class IX) in all scholastic subjects along with a 20 marks component of Internal Assessment. Students have to secure 33% in total in each of these components. For Class X the Board Examination in each subject will cover the entire syllabus of Class-X. Grades corresponding to the marks shall be based on a 9-point grading system. Grades will be awarded in each scholastic subject. For Class IX the assessment scheme will be similar to class X Board examination. However, the grading in class IX will be different (CBSE 2020-21). 

Students of classes IX-X are evaluated by periodic assessment, multiple assessments, portfolio, practicals, records, projects, notebook upkeep, subject enrichment, class tests, and term-end exams in a given academic year. In addition to this class X have a Pre Board Model Examination. In addition to this class X will have a Pre Board Model Examination in February and Boards in March.