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Health & Physical Education

Health & Physical Education

The learning activities in health and physical education are planned in line with four underlying concepts as-

 1. Personal health and physical development, in which students develop age appropriate knowledge, understanding, attitude and skills necessary to maintain and enhance their physical development and personal well being. 

2. Movement concepts and motor skills, in which students develop age specific learning outcomes related to movement concepts and motor skills as mandated by the HPE manual of the CBSE. 

3. Healthy communities, wherein students contribute to healthy livelihood in communities to which they belong. 

4. Relationships with other people, wherein students develop age appropriate understanding, skills and attitudes that refine their social interactions. 

Sports Activities 

Extending education beyond the confines of the classroom, sport activities cultivate in students the values of team spirit, perseverance, discipline and healthy competition. AWS offers a well-balanced programme of sports and physical education. A range of sporting activities will be part of regular curriculum delivery, whereas a few activities will be offered as part of the AAA programme. Fundamental and progressive training of basketball, tennis, badminton, kho-kho cricket and other outdoor games along with a range of indoor games make our sports programme competent. We ensure strict adherence to the CBSE mandate as per the HPE (Health and Physical Education) manual. 

How do we participate in the Fit India Movement? 

Our Physical Education Staff plan activities in allegiance with FIT INDIA to instill in students the understanding for regular physical activity and higher levels of fitness enhancing in them self-esteem and confidence. Some initiatives are: 

(i) Morning Assembly – Yoga/Mass PT/Free hand exercise for all
(ii) Awareness programmes and competitions on Fitness and Nutrition for Students and Staff
(iii) Mental Wellness Activities (Eg. Symposium, Lectures and presentation by and in-house physical education and counseling Department)
(iv) Beginning of “Fitness Assessment” of Students through KHELO INDIA App.
(ii)Fitness/Sports Quiz for all Students
(ii) Poster making Competition for all Students on theme “Fit Body – Fit Mind – Fit Environment”
(i)Structured physical activities for all students including Dance, Aerobics, KHO-KHO, Yoga, Rope-Skipping, adult supervised free play, gardening etc.