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Jaya Mangalam

The COVID 19 pandemic and Zoom have earmarked a generation in itself, nicknamed as GenZ! Known as Zoomers, this generation will be long remembered for the resilience it has shown to bounce back from the impact of a deadly pandemic.

Generation Z, aged in the birth year range 1997 and 2014 is sure to have strong imprints and memories of an abrupt shift to internet aided remote learning, the widespread use of face masks, and the origin and common usage of the terms “social distancing and sanitizing”.

There is no doubt that this generation is cruising through the most uncertain times. The sense that personal safety is fragile and undergoing the trauma of witnessing the tragic loss of life of their kith and kin will have indelible impressions upon these young minds.

Often referred to as the iGeneration or Digital Natives, this generation cannot imagine a world without the internet, digital devices, and social media and it is used in every aspect of their everyday lives. When the iPhone was launched, the oldest Zoomers averaged 10 years. A vast majority of Zoomers had high-bandwidth internet, seamless WiFi, and on-demand entertainment not as a luxury, but as a necessity.

Definitely more tech-savvy than any other preceding generation, but Zoomers have their share of weaknesses too. A possible lack of people skills, especially their ability to build lasting, interpersonal relationships coupled with underdeveloped communication skills and a potential cognitive skill deficit mark this generation.