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Primary School

Our Primary School programme prepares children from Class I to V for academic success in later schools and beyond! At AWS we aim to expand on their creativity and their desire to explore. 

The majority of our primary curriculum is transacted through various art forms and DIY projects. During this stage, special emphasis will be given to visual and performing arts. We plan to achieve this by linking subjects and languages to an integrated performance-based approach. We aim to support students in their exploration of their natural and social environment and to further develop their emotional expression.

Our golden teacher-student ratio of 1:20 allows a personalized approach. Irrespective of whether your child is academically gifted or has learning challenges he/she has a place in our primary classroom and a chance to benefit from our expertise and care. Our dedicated teachers, outstanding curricular and co-curricular provisions all contribute to a challenging, yet nurturing primary school programme. We take pride in excellent achievement scores that illustrate our academic success and happy, well-rounded children who reflect our positive learning environment. Primary students will be part of all the whole school co-curricular programmes for optimal skill development. Expeditionary and experiential learning are at the core of our primary programme.

Subjects offered: English, Malayalam, Hindi/French, Maths, Computer Studies, EVS & Arts
General Knowledge, Media Studies, Life Skills/SEWA & Values, Financial Literacy, and Health & Physical Education will be part of the internal assessment and will be blended with co-curricular activities.

Assessment: The primary performance profile is separately maintained for classes I -II and classes III - V. Assessment during the first two years will be informal with scholastics and co-scholastic areas. The results of which will be used to make plans and set targets or to identify special education needs. The performance profile will be recorded using descriptors based emoticons. For classes III-V, there will be both formative and summative assessments. Grading will be done on a 5-point grading scale.