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Assessment & Evaluation

Assessments and evaluations are crucial instruments to measure the progress of the students and to encourage them to fortify their strengths and build on their weaknesses. The method used to assess student progress varies according to the age group. The assessments and evaluations are based on scholastic and non-scholastic attainments; these would be reflected in review reports and progress cards and will be discussed during open houses. 

The CCE format of assessment offers a systematic approach to academics and enables the students to enjoy learning and thrive in a stress-free learning environment. Students of Std. I-V are assessed as per the CCE format of continuous classroom evaluations consisting of oral and written class tests, worksheets, presentations, assignments, activities and projects. All the internal and external assessments will be recorded in marks. However, the final report card of students will reflect only the grades. For class, I to V the grades are given on a 5 point scale based on a student’s performance in assessments spread throughout the academic year.
Students of classes VI-VIII will be assessed through the uniform system of assessment as prescribed by the CBSE. The assessment for class IX-X students is also split into two terms. There will be scores from term examinations, periodic tests, notebook upkeep and subject enrichments. The co-scholastic grading will be based on a five-point grading scale. Through the year they will be assessed on Art Education and Physical Health and Education as part of their internal assessment.
Students of Std. XI-XII are also continuously evaluated on the basis of their performance in the class tests, cycle tests and term exams in an academic year. General Studies and Physical Health and Education will be part of the internal assessment which will be conducted through the year.For Class X and XII, a Model Exam is also conducted to equip the students to face the Board Exam with confidence.
All promotions are based on the cumulative performance of the student in all the class assessments and end of term evaluations conducted during the academic year. Students of Std XI must record a PASS in both theory and practical examinations separately, in order to be promoted.
Decisions taken by School authorities with regard to the promotion of students will be final and binding. There will not be any retests without legitimate and justified cause. For exceptions to the policy will be made after due process and discussion.