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Asoka(a-soka) means without sorrow or grief in Sanskrit. From the divine Asoka tree to the great emperor Asoka, Asoka is a word of great reverence and deeper connotations for every Indian. Indian literature, mythology, iconography has an abundance of the word Asoka associated with many things and great people.

Sashoka was a cannibal from the Bhil tribe who, on a chance encounter with a sage repented all his sins, was asked to lead a life of prayer and penance. The sage blessed him to be reborn as a tree where Sita, the abducted wife of Rama will take refuge one day after being abducted by Ravana. Sita’s suffering and sorrow ceased to exist upon receiving the message from Rama through Hanuman who sat on the branches of the tree. At that moment, Sashoka’s sins were washed away and his own grief disappeared forever. From that day onwards the tree was called the Asoka tree, the tree that takes away sorrow.

Asoka tree further has the significance of being the birthplace of Buddha, the great thinker and philosopher. Queen Māyā of Sakya is said to have given birth to Buddha under an Ashoka tree in a garden in Lumbini. Jains believe Mahavira to have renounced the world at Vaishali, under the same Asoka tree.

Asoka was the Indian emperor who succeeded in unifying most of the Indian Sub-continent whom after the war of Kalinga had a profound spiritual transformation. He soon set out into a path of peace and non-violence. To bring about his vision across all people he promoted the construction of universities and pillars of knowledge across India. His emissaries travelled across the land spreading the message of peace.

Apart from all this, the relevance of Asoka is so much so that Indian national flag is adorned with an Asoka Chakra at its centre. The very essence of this word and the profound significance it has in our collective history gave birth to the idea of Asoka World School. AWS rightfully wishes to transform Education and take it beyond the confines of commercial interests.

We educate our students to become leaders who command the wheel of time and at the same time have the skill set to adapt to an ever-changing world. As we shape our students in this value immersed and the technology-enabled environment we hope to develop and deliver an enriching and supportive community for/of our students like the dense evergreen leaves of the Asoka Tree that benevolently provides shade and medicines or like a lion that live in groups and defend themselves and their families.

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