AWS curriculum is based on the philosophy of teaching students 'how to think' rather than what to think. Following the NCERT pattern in general, we use the best available resources to provide learning with a global perspective. AWS promotes STEM and ABM education to make our students real-world ready by the time they finish schooling with us.

Your child will benefit from the degree of technological immersion that we have in offer, thematically compounded to enhance the existing NCERT framework. Through our curriculum, the students, teachers, and parents are actively engaged in creating a meaningful ecosystem that eases the pursuit of wisdom.

More on our curriculum

Although we follow the CBSE NCERT curriculum, we offer it with a thematic twist availing access to tailored and inferential learning experiences. Our curriculum is developed on the basis of character, competence and relevant content; we strive towards teaching our students to be better thinkers.

AWS aims to be a collaborative platform for all our students, teachers and parents. As our parents are digital immigrants and who are raising their digital native children and are looking for a technologically smart school with an education system that would guide their children to be responsible technology users and also to maximise their mental capacity. Curriculum setters of today fail to understand that the life of a digital native is different from that of a digital immigrant. We will be following the learning goals and objectives of CBSE and NCERT with the twist of fluid technology immersion.

We recognise and accept that children learn best when they are ready. They tend to easily forget when they learn without joy. Our curricula henceforth will be fluid to accommodate 15 minutes of free play in-between classes and 3 recesses to relax and de-stress at a primary level.


Our workspaces are made to be dynamic spaces of creativity, fun and action so that happiness can spread over to our students and parents through love for learning. We use a broad range of New Age Digital Tools to make this possible. We have Podcast streaming, Clickers, Google Collaborative Tools, Body Kinaesthetic Gaming, 3D Printing and Flip Classes under our arsenal. All this comes along with some good old-fashioned lecturing and worksheets.

Courses and Subjects

We have all the regular subjects that are prescribed in the NCERT for languages (English, Hindi, Malayalam), Sciences (EVS), Maths, Social Science and Arts. Rather just teaching these subjects we use our in-house facilities like Design Lab and Space lab to have the students experience and experiment with things they have learned.


Our assessment starts with the baseline test from pre-primary to elementary education. This is not a screening test for admission but for school readiness, skills required for that particular grade and developing personal lesson plans. The assessments and evaluations are based on scholastic and non-scholastic attainments; these would be reflected in review reports and progress cards. Scholastic attainments include formative test and paper-pencil tests. Non-scholastic attainments include Physical Health Education, Art Education, Work Experience, Music, Dance, and other activities. At the end of the year, we encourage students to engage in self-assessment, which gives a sense of direction and responsibility for one’s own learning.

Classes Assessment & Evaluation Model
KG Monthly Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation
I-VIII Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation


True learning is more than just academic activities. Participation in Co-Curricular activities is absolutely important for the all round development of your children. AWS understands this and has taken care to include Artistic, Literary, Scientific and Physical activities for developing their creativity and collective spirit. These activities foster their innate talents and aid in the creation of their self-respect. We have our very own Creative clubs and Community Outreach to program further expand the realm of co-curricular activities among children.

Some of the projects we have taken up in this direction are School Radio, School Youtube channel and Internal Podcasts.


Knowledge is necessary but knowledge, in context is even more important. Schooling will give your children with an education that provides with them knowledge. But the context for it all resides in the community we leave in.

Through our Community Partnerships, we will bring your children closer to the communities they live in and by that in principle the world around them. Your children will have a deeper respect and understanding of the world this way. We tailor these programs to make their internal learning process much more effective.

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