Early childhood is the period of remarkable brain development. The education your kids receive during these years creates the foundation for their future growth, development and learning potential. It is our mission at Little Titans Kindergarten to guide your inquisitive, tenacious or passionate child on the path to success, with a global outlook.

We have developed a curriculum that emphasises directed play and activities for a child, understanding the interests of their digital immigrant parents and digital native children. It is designed for children of the ages 3-6 years, building on their prior knowledge, adding new skills and vocabulary, all in a responsible and active technologically immersive environment.

Our body intelligent - kinaesthetic based learning technique helps in enhancing and developing the motor skills of your children. We follow a theme based learning in our classes by linking topics of various subjects together increasing the neuron links in their brains. The integration of visuals, art, music and motion and music with academics will set the right learning ground for your child.

Along with learning and social development, Little Titans takes care of the health of your child too. Our in house nutritionist will guide you with an age-appropriate diet plan for your children. We also guide the little humans through the practice of healthy eating and dining etiquettes to make them ready to jet into society.

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