Late Shri. Asokan Kavungal

Founder President IGE Trust

(22nd April 1945 – 13th August 1999)

Our Founder President and Founder General Secretary started IGM Public School, in the hopes of reaching out to all classes of the society and to cut across discrimination in our society. IGE Trust under his leadership went on to have primary schools and other educational programmes throughout Kerala. Mr Asokan Kavungal hailed from a middle-class family in Edavankkad and completed his schooling from Edavanakad High School. As a student, his interests were in sports, elocution, essay writing debates and made sure that he was responsible his own education.

During his younger years his love of books, the written and spoken word led him to a world of print media. To gain experience he had worked as a Librarian, Sub-Editor, Staff Editor, Printer and Publisher. Languages were his cup of tea; he had the uncanny ability to grasp languages very quickly. He had good mastery over English, Hindi and Malayalam languages. He was also known for his oratory skills in all these languages. In 1988 he was appreciated by "Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha (Kerala), Ernakulam for his efforts and longstanding service.

He completed his collegiate education from the prestigious Maharaj’s College, Ernakulam. During his graduate years, he was fascinated by languages especially English, Malayalam and Sanskrit. He graduated in Malayalam Language & Literature and Sanskrit as his subsidiary subject in 1967. During these years he developed a passion for poetry, prose, language, grammar, and history of Kerala with special emphasis on pre and post-Kerala Varma period. He had led a very vibrant in his life in his graduate years. He was an active member and group leader of the survey wing of Maharaja’s College Planning Forum during 1965-69. He competed and won various awards for debates, extempore and elocution. He was active in sports and had represented the Barlow Hall in Volleyball and was a member of the National Cadet Corps. For his post-graduation (1970) degree he pursued his passion for Language and Literature and expanded on his love for the history of Malayalam and Linguistic and Dravidian Philosophy.

During 1960-1962 he studied Hindi at the Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha (Kerala), Ernakulam. In 1962 he also trained in Gram Sahayaks Training Camp under the Planning and Development Department of Government of Kerala to educate his local community in agriculture, animal husbandry and cooperation to promote productivity of the community.

He started his political activities during his college years along with his fellow activists A.K Antony and Vayalar Ravi. He was chiefly instrumental in organizing the Akhila Kerala Dheevara Sabha and was the founder president in 1972. He then turned his attention towards the organization of ‘Kerala Fishermen's Welfare Society Regd.' which had proved his dedication to the fishermen community. He also formed the Dheevara Educational Society in 1976. He had held many positions in his lifetime such as President, Ernakulam District Sawmill and Timber Workers Union; President, Kerala Fishing Boat Workers Union; President, District General Workers Union and General Secretary, Indian Small Newspapers Association, New Delhi.

He worked his way up from a Printer, Publisher, and a freelance journalist to the post of the Chief Editor of his own Newspaper and from there on to a lecturer, educationalist, and a businessman. He was also a true believer for the cause of the downtrodden and underprivileged. Many of his large networks of friends remember him as a person who never had any qualms about helping a person in need without thinking about any consequence to self. Our school under his direction was also instrumental in providing young enthusiast writers, dramatist, novelist and linguists with the awards and material benefits in order to encourage them to contribute more in the field of literature and language.

During his last uncertain days, he made it very clear that his concerns were about our School. He is survived by his wife, a daughter, and a son. He had extracted a promise from his family and staff that no matter what happens stick on to the school till the end. And that is a promise we at IGM hope to keep.

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