"To Strive, To Seek, To Find, And Not To Yield"

Asoka World School is managed and run by the Indira Gandhi Educational Trust [IGET]. Time and again our society has got used to the factory schooling methods that restrict student development in one way or the other. Asoka World School exists to redo the way education is provided for the coming generation.

To begin we are situated in the calm residential area of Elamakkara, where students can learn in peace, free of all distractions. The world is a changing fast. For our children to adapt to these rapid changes and succeed they need an education system that is future proof. We give you that. AWS education model is centred on creativity, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and universal fraternity.

We want schooling to be a transformative experience. Every aspect of our school is meticulously designed to nurture and develop your young ones. Developing an identity is a task that requires intense attention and we have structured our school to a golden student to teacher ratio of 1:20 to achieve that. Our teachers are trained to maintain student-teacher relationships in a way that guides the students through the daily process of learning. World class infrastructure with a no-compromise hygiene policy makes AWS the home away from home for your kids.

To be future ready in this digital world we are using technology-enabled intellectual body kinesthetic education system for your kids to experience the new world first hand. We focus on the ability to learn more than teaching itself. Our classrooms are aesthetically designed and technologically equipped (Smart Boards) to disseminate quality education in a climate controlled environment. From our state of the art space lab to well-maintained playgrounds AWS is well equipped to cater to the diverse interests of your young ones. AWS is the perfect choice for every parent that dreams the best for their children. Together we can build the future!

Our Team

Our teachers are digital immigrants who are passionate about teaching and process of learning. They are willing and motivated to undertake Continuous Professional Development to shine in their careers and to be better teachers. Our school is a place of excellence not just for students alone but also a place to be and a place to work for our teachers. Our team consist of highly qualified and trained teachers who are digitally savvy, culturally sensitive and believes in a global, egalitarian world. In simple terms, they are teachers by choice. To foster a sense of global fraternity, we have recruited eminent teachers from other countries also.

As employers we provide you with guidance, supervision, peer mentoring and constructive feedback to provide you with the support required in this education system. We offer you a variety of training opportunities from our corporate partnerships and others mandated by CBSE.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as niche technology enabled STEM School of the future with an emphasis on kinaesthetic model education at the heart of Kochi City. Our vision is to be a self-styled boutique school for the future with an enriched CBSE NCERT curriculum where our students will achieve personal and professional success and serve as beacon for others. Our vision for our students in the future is that they will carry a notepad and our teachers would transact with 3D imagery.

Our Vision

Our Mission

"To generate a creative, humane and fluid synthesis of intellectual, emotional and social ideas and perspectives based on logic, critical thinking and reasoning applicable to this generation with a global applicability leading to self development, universal peace, compassion and fraternity".


AWS’s mission came into being from our team’s genuine desire for change in the state’s education transaction methodology, social perspective and personal attitudes of people in our community. The broader mission of AWS is summarised as follows:

Through our STEM,ABM & Media courses, we hope to influence many aspects of our student’s life and their community to advance peace, unity, and acculturation and also to break beyond superfluous barriers of society which inhibit enlightenment and actualization of an individual. It is our mission to work towards a united, peaceful and egalitarian society, where there are acceptance and love for all.

It is our mission to cut across the traditional and highly commercialized pre-primary and primary education organizations in our city and to promote a kinaesthetic oriented education which will make the future citizens of India into mentally and physically fit individuals. It is our mission to influence and bring up our students and their community into health conscious and physically active individuals and to fight against childhood obesity and diabetes.

To inculcate fundamental knowledge needed by Indian students at an appropriate pace while developing their personal traits.

We hope to through our endeavors we can bring our technologically enriched outlook to the NCERT curriculum with a constructive approach. It is our mission to revive and enhance the NCERT curriculum and hold close to heart our mother tongue Malayalam and our other official languages Hindi and English.

We hope to provide our students in XII engineering based courses which would provide them with a solid foundation and background to step out into the collegiate world with knowledge and confident grasp of the subject to facilitate an easy transition into career-oriented college education. Therefore it is our mission to become the best and one-stop center for STEM, ABM & Media education.

To enrich humanity, sociability, and awareness of being an Indian in students while forming and being part of an international society

We will over the course of 5 years move into green campus and put into useful practice sustainable and environment-friendly living.

Core Values

The Asoka Values

  • Right Livelihood & Fraternity
  • Right Aspiration & Effort for Excellence
  • Pure Wisdom, Knowledge & Mindfulness
  • Right View & Concentration
  • True Individuality & Spiritual Maturity
  • Right speech & Action
  • Truth, Respect and Mercy
  • Logical & Non-Judgemental

Our goals for holistic development

  • To maintain good health and well being via intellectual body kinaesthetic
  • To promote sensory integration and body awareness
  • To develop listening and speaking skills
  • To practice and develop gross and fine motor with timing and coordination
  • To become effective communicators and discriminate among sensory messages
  • To motivate students to become involved learners and connect with their environments

The Asoka Experience

  • Edgy and Inspiring School Building, Classrooms & Labs
  • Individual Attention 1:20 STR
  • Climate Controlled Classrooms
  • Tech-Enabled Classrooms
  • Blend of Tradition & Innovation
  • Maximum Exposure
  • Thematic Curriculum
  • Stimulating Learning Environment
  • Kinaesthetic Learning Practices
  • Guided & Constructive Learning
  • First STEM Emphasised (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) School
  • First ABM emphasized (Accountancy, Business & Management) school
  • First of its kind Media Studies for primary classes and upwards
  • First of its kind Space Lab for star gazing and understanding Astrophysics
  • Extra Curricular activities that include internships, parent and community partnerships.
  • Professional Yoga & Ballet Classes
  • Fully Fledged Health Education and Specialized Sports & Games
  • Transport Facility


We offer our students the best of technology and teaching practices in their classrooms as we have recognized our classrooms to be a "melting pot" of a myriad of cultures.

AWS understand the importance of learning spaces in the process of Education. We have provided each classroom from KG to STD V with Interactive smart boards, extra workspaces and much more in design. Understanding the effect of color on young minds we have given extra emphasis on color, theme and room arrangement, making our classrooms fun places to learn.

Each class is uniquely themed to foster active engagement among students. The Library Nooks in our classrooms help develop a healthy reading habit among the students. Every aspect of our classroom from the general layout to the position of the furniture is meticulously curated to make an environment that is conducive to spirited learning.


The school is situated in the heart of the city at Elamakara
near Puthukalavattam Mahadeva Temple at Parayil Road.

Kaloor (Metro Station)
12 Minutes
Lulu Mall
11 Minutes
Marine Drive
18 Minutes
13 Minutes
Park (Metro Station)
7 Minutes
10 Minutes
23 Minutes
22 Minutes
21 Minutes
23 Minutes
19 Minutes
14 Minutes

The Trust

Taking into consideration the requirement and demand of the public noted Educationalists, Philanthropists and Social Workers of Kerala were got to group, form and register the Charitable Trust under the name and style INDIRA GANDHI EDUCATIONAL TRUST. Indira Gandhi Educational Trust [Regd.] is a non–profit charitable organization running educational institutions in Kerala. The trust started IGM Public School, Elamakkara (CBSE English Medium) for children from LKG TO XII.

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